What to Expect at Your Visits

Initial Visit and Physical Exams

Lotus Integrative Healthcare firmly believes a thorough and skilled complete history and physical exam (not just a feigned, cursory placement of a stethoscope somewhere over your upper torso), is the single most important diagnostic tool and a completely normal exam is equally, if not more important because it serves as your baseline. Anything in the future that deviates from that, therefore may be considered abnormal (for you). There are a few appointment options available for your convenience to initially establish care as a Direct Primary Care member. You can choose either to:

Option 1

Schedule your Initial visit with complete physical exam to establish primary care (New DPC with exam). Please allow between 90 minutes to 2 hours for this appointment. This appointment generally includes a comprehensive conversation which involves assessing your concerns, past and present medical problems, coping resources, family and social support. This appointment is an extensive history taking with discussion of past and present health issues/concerns, coping resources, family and social support, and wellness goals. The provider may make some recommendations at this time for an initial plan moving forward but some advice may be deferred until any needed lab results are back. *Please bring ALL of your over-the-counter supplement bottles with you so we can see what you are currently taking. Supplement composition can be very broad, so it is important for us to see the physical bottles for ingredient review.

Option 2

Schedule the initial 60-minute visit to establish primary care without physical exam component via telemedicine with video and audio (New DPC-Telehealth).*A separate appointment for an initial complete physical exam in-person with lab-work will need to be scheduled sometime later. This appointment is an extensive history taking with discussion of past and present health issues/concerns, coping resources, family and social support, and wellness goals. The provider may make some recommendations at this time for an initial plan moving forward but some advice will be deferred, or may be changed after the in-person physical exam is completed and any lab results are back.

Lab Testing

We do not rely solely on lab tests to diagnosis an individual and they represent one piece of the whole clinical picture. However, lab results assist in getting a baseline of a person’s metabolic function, degree of any dysfunction as well as important information that assists in ruling-out a potential diagnosis and monitoring response to interventions. Patient will be asked to obtain blood work unless very recent results can be provided, or they are a pediatric patient and it is not absolutely necessary. Depending on underlying health issues or chronic diseases the patient may have, the patient may be asked to have lab work done two to four times per year. LIH has created an account with Quest and RUPA HEALTH to provide each of our patient’s both routine and functional labs, including specialty kits, at wholesale pricing. We are proud to serve our patients with an option of getting blood drawn at a facility nearest you OR you may also have a mobile phlebotomist go to your home for a small fee. LIH utilizes conventional lab tests but also specialty labs when appropriate and/or per patient request. Of note, some specialty labs may need you to provide urine or saliva samples at these sites or for your home kits. Clear instructions will be provided at no additional cost as well including if you need to fast or not take supplements/medications prior to testing. Once lab results are in, the provider will review the results with the patient during the patient's scheduled follow-up appointment(s). LIH typically requires patients to fast for lab testing (nothing but water after midnight).

Follow Up

Generally, within 1 week (usually sooner) after blood work or other results, or for an illness event the patient will follow-up virtually with the provider to discuss laboratory results, determine any suggested changes in the course of treatment and other recommendations. This includes discussing what may be causing the patient’s health problems as well as discussing possible supplementation (vitamin, essential oils, minerals, and herbs). Wellness recommendations such as diet and lifestyle changes which will be discussed. LIH may recommend other beneficial treatments such as massage and bodywork therapy, self-massage techniques, IV nutrition, supplements, clinical aromatherapy, homeopathy, botanical therapies or mind-body modalities and self-care such as yoga, mindfulness meditation. We will also review any conventional medication prescriptions that may be appropriate for the patient. The patient ultimately decides which recommendations resonate with them personally and that they feel comfortable incorporating into their overall treatment or general wellness plan as appropriate.


Visit Frequency

How often the patient sees the provider will depend on why the patient is being treated, and the complexity of the individual patient’s case. Generally, healthy people may see the provider only once a year for a physical exam and lab tests. People on certain medications (such as for blood pressure, hormones), or those who have certain conditions (diabetes), are seen more frequently.

Sick-visits (Telehealth or Office)

Please allow up to 30 minutes for minor sick-visits (longer if a procedure is needed such as wound care, etc.). After the visit we will upload handouts to your patient portal with various integrative resources or recommendations for treatment in addition to any prescriptions that may be discussed or provided to you. Please note that there are often many suggestions and rather than trying all of them, choose one or two which you feel comfortable using. Each person is an individual and no two people respond the same. What works for one person, may not for you or your family member. Never feel you need to continue a remedy if it does not resonate with you, or it makes you feel worse. Listen to your body!